Volume 38 ‘Generations’

Longing, Belonging, and Self-Making in White Zimbabwean Life Writing: Peter Godwin’s When a Crocodile Eats the Sun

By Tony Simoes da Silva


A Cacophony of Grey

Running malnourished into the welcome armsof Forgiveness, familiar distant love… a hug from an Aunt. She’s got the staggers, (afternoon birds beneath the strawberry tree) has knocked back six shots of schnapps. The plasma head behind her says ‘everyone’s a spy now… like in China.’

By Brentley Frazer


Irukandji Sails

A Ranger found four hundred ghost nets on a seventy kilometre stretch of beach, south of Aurukun. Says the local women, with the subterfuge of moonlight sharks collect them to make art for tourists.

By Brentley Frazer


Spirit of the North

This time and place floats in its own sphere palms rattle indignation southern winds ripping through them congeal the least sign of venom into outpost solidarity.

By Judy Durrant


Isa’s Last Rodeo

By Lara S Williams


The Ghosts of the Euthanased

By Cybele May